Chill – Indica

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100ct per Unit (container) – 100g Total Cannabis

Strain: Cuvee Cookies

Type: Indica

Weight: 1 gram

THC: 23%-26%  

Tase: Cherry, Chocolate, Sweet

Cuvee Cookies is a Indica dominant cross of the rare Cuvee strain and the beloved Girl Scout Cookies. The Cuvee Cookies flowers offer the cherries, berries and chocolate flavor profile of the Cuvee strain with the potency of GSC . Upon inhale, the flavor is sweet, while upon exhale you may notice a chocolatey undertone. This is a potent strain effects are long lasting and immediate. It will relax you for several hours, putting you in a calm, content state that will leave you happy, giggly and hungry. Ideal for evening use and be sure prepare some snacks ahead of time.